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Muse Online Writer's Conference

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I took this last year for the first time, it was amazing for a free event. There were chats, pitching sessions, and workshops.


Registration is now open for our October 11 - 17, 2010 Conference!

Deadline to register is August 15, 2010. Don't delay! Register today!

No matter where you live, what you write, at what point you are in your writing career, you'll find a workshop that fits your needs during our weeklong conference.

Register here: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/2010MuseConferenceRegistration/

Deadline to register is the 15th of this month so if you have any writing pals please let them know because as of the 16th there will be a five dollar late charge and the deadline will be September 10th. After that point no one will be able to register.

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