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Late Imperial Russia: The Life and Times of an Empire on the Brink of

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Online Workshop: Late Imperial Russia: The Life and Times of an Empire on the Brink of Collapse

Instructor: Mary O'Malley (w/a Emma Westport)

Dates: September 13-24, 2010

Registration Deadline: September 11, 2010

Fee: $10/HHRW members, $20/others

To register for this class: http://www.heartsthroughhistory.com/classreg.htm

FMI: HHRW Campus Coordinator: classes@heartsthroughhistory.com

Class Description:

At the end of this workshop students will have a framework for the dates and events that shaped Russia during the period from the assassination of Tsar Alexander II to the Revolution in 1917.

We'll focus on how people lived, what they wanted and why they were ready to risk imprisonment, exile or even execution to achieve their goals. While some background is always helpful, all you really need to enjoy this workshop is a sense of curiosity and a desire to understand a complex and fascinating era.

Lesson 1: Setting the Stage - Assassination of Alexander II, the Tsar Liberator 1881

Lesson 2: Alexander III, 1881-1894 - Repression and terror

Lesson 3: Nicholas II, 1894-1917 - Failure of an autocrat

Lesson 4: Nobility - How Russia's nobility differed from Western Europe's

Lesson 5: Peasants and the Urban Poor

Lesson 6: Revolutionary Movement and the Secret Police

Lesson 7: On the Brink - WWI, the murder of Rasputin, and Revolution

Lesson 8: The Failure to Save the Imperial Family

Lesson 9: Source Materials/Questions

Homework assignments will be designed to give students ideas on what information is available if they want to explore further. There will also be several short writing assignments. These are optional and students may post them or not as they choose.


Mary O'Malley is a member of RWA and Hearts Through History. She has published short fiction and non-fiction. She has been fascinated by Russian history since she was young and did her honor's thesis and some of her graduate work in the area of Russian studies. She writes as Emma Westport.

Format: Course is conducted via Yahoo Groups email with lessons and Q&A. You will receive an invitation to join the group a few days before. If you don't receive this invitation, please contact the Campus Coordinator: classes@heartsthroughhistory.com

For additional information, contact the Campus Coordinator at classes@heartsthroughhistory.com

To register for this class: http://www.heartsthroughhistory.com/classreg.htm

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