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Medical Speak for Writers by Joanie White and Dara Edmonson

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**Permission to Forward**

Central Florida Romance Writers is pleased to announce our upcoming online

class: Medical Speak for Writers

Instructors: Joanie White and Dara Edmondson

Dates: September 13 - 16, 2010

Cost: $15 CFRW members - $20 non-members

Registration deadline: September 1, 2010

Class Description:

Many romance novels feature a main or secondary character with a disease, an

injury or a chronic illness. Others use the backdrop of a medical facility

or conveyance or have a character who works in the medical field. In order

to get the details straight-a critical necessity for today's savvy reader-an

author must be able to access credible medical information.

Medical Speak for Writers is a four-day class that covers the various types

of medical facilities, the departments of a typical hospital, medical

terminology, various medical specialties, patient experiences and common


Why is it so imperative to be accurate? How much detail is too much? What

are the best and most credible plain speak websites to find the information

you need to create plausible medical situations?

Day One: How much medical detail does your story need? Why is accuracy so

important? Commonly featured errors, fallacies and misconceptions about

medical care in fiction. Different types of hospitals, common departments,

other medical facilities and conveyances.

Day Two: Types of medical personnel, their job description and educational


Day Three: Areas for conflict. The scope of volunteerism. The patient

experience - diagnosis, testing, common disorders and injuries.

Day Four: Common mental health conditions, alternative medicine, terminology

and resources. Q&A.

Instructors' Bios:

Joanie White is a Nurse Practitioner who currently works in clinical

transformation and patient safety. She spent ten years as a pediatric trauma

transport nurse and possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing and a

Master's Degree in business.

Dara Edmondson has published more than a dozen romances under her own name

and her pen name, Wynter Daniels. She currently writes for Ellora's Cave,

Loose Id and Red Sage Publishing. She has also been teaching in-person and

online classes for writers for several years. You can find her on the web at

www.WynterDaniels.com <http://www.wynterdaniels.com/> .

For registration info, visit www.cfrwa.org <http://www.cfrwa.org/> and

click on the "online workshops" tab.

Lorena Streeter

President, CFRW

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