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Crafting the Erotic Novella: Or, You Want Me to Tell It in How Many Wo

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**Permission to forward is granted and encouraged**

The Rainbow Romance Writers, special interest chapter 217 of RWA, is pleased

to announce our September online workshop.

Workshop: Crafting The Erotic Novella; Or, You Want Me To Tell It In How

Many Words?

Instructor: Kimberly Gardner

Dates: September 8th to 29th, 2010

Workshop Description

The art and craft of the erotic novella will be explored with the help of

multi-published author Kimberly Gardner. The class will center around the


step plotting template Kimberly has developed and used to write and publish

four erotic novellas. Examples will be given from Kimberly’s own work and


will be encouraged to bring their own projects into the discussion. The

class will include assignments and discussion with feedback provided as time


Topics include:

* The structure of the novella and how it differs from other forms.

* The seven step plotting template; the scenes you need and why you need


* Keeping it focused, keeping it clear; How to know what to keep and what to


* Sex in the novella; How soon, how much and how to pull it off.

* Killing your darlings; how to pare down your manuscript to meet word

counts without short changing the reader.

Instructor’s bio:

Kimberly Gardner is a current member of RRW. She has a B.A. in theatre arts

from Arcadia University and has been writing professionally for two and a


years. Her 2008 novel, Phoenix Rising, was an Eppie finalist in the GLBT

category. She lives in historic Philadelphia with her husband, a dog named


and three very bossy felines.

The cost of the workshop is $10 for RRW members and $15 for nonmembers.

Online registration will be will be available via Paypal from the RRW web




If you wish to pay by other means, please contact our class coordinator to

make arrangements. The class will run from September 8th through the 29th.


and class discussion will be conducted on the RRW workshop loop. When your

registration is confirmed, you will receive an invitation to join the loop.

Additional information is available from the RRW workshop coordinator who

can be reached by emailing:


Thank you,

Jade Buchanan

RRW, Workshop Coordinator

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