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Elements of RWA November Workshops

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Elements of RWA Online Workshops


Nov. 1-12 2010

Series Business – Is Writing A Series Right For You?

By Misty Evans


Elements Member $9, Non-member $15

To register for this workshop click here.

Description: No matter what genre, series are in demand by readers and publishers alike. But is writing a series right for you? This workshop will help you:

• Examine the pros and cons of writing a series

• Define and evaluate your idea

• Develop a Series Bible to track plot lines, characters and story arcs

• Develop a Pitch Bible that includes blurbs, synopses and series story arc to market to agents and editors

• Turn your series idea into a workable project with tools, templates and one-on-one help

Bio: Misty Evans was bitten by the writing bug when she won a contest in 4th grade with an essay about her dad. Today, she writes the award-winning Super Agent Series and Witches Anonymous series. She likes her coffee black, her conspiracy stories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. Her debut novel, Operation Sheba, Super Agent Series Book 1, won a CataNetwork Reviewers’ Choice Award in 2008, a CAPA nomination in 2009, and the New England Reader’s Choice Bean Pot Award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2010. I’d Rather Be In Paris, the second book in her Super Agent Series, was also nominated for a 2009 CAPA for Best Romantic Suspense. To learn more about Misty and her books, visit www.readMistyEvans.com or follow her on www.twitter.com/readmistyevans.

November 8 - 12, 2010

The 5 P's of Self-Promotions: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

by John Foxjohn


Elements Member $6, Non-member $10

To register for this workshop click here.

Description: John Foxjohn, known as the king of self-promotions, presents this interactive class. He delves into inexpensive or free ways to promote the author and books. The class includes internet marketing and getting TV and radio interviews, as well as how to create media releases.

Bio: Best-selling author John Foxjohn epitomizes the phrase “been there—done that.” Whether consciously or unconsciously, maybe one of the first authors he followed contributed to this.

Many years ago, John became afflicted with a disease he calls “readaholism.” His addiction to reading led him to Louis L’Amour, and even today, he continues to reread books by this author.

Louis L’Amour had a diverse background before he began to write and John followed that path—born and raised in the rural East Texas town of Nacogdoches, he quit high school and joined the Army at seventeen. Viet Nam veteran, Army Airborne Ranger, policeman and homicide detective, retired teacher and coach, and now he is a multi-published author.

Although John writes an entirely different genre than Louis L’Amour, he followed the author’s path by using his diverse background and meticulous research. Although John’s novels are fictional, many readers believe they are true stories.

Like his favorite author, John creates characters that readers love and root for—not cardboard cutouts. John says, “Normal people have faults and strengths—they make mistakes and need to overcome them and other obstacles thrown in their path. People judge others by how they handle adversity. That’s how I attempt to create characters.”

If you have read John’s novels, you know that he is successful.

John hasn’t yet reached the huge success of Louis L’Amour, but I wouldn’t bet against him.

John is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, Elements of Romance, Kiss of Death, Lethal Ladies, Sisters-in-Crime, East Texas Writers Guild, League of Texas Writers, and more online writing groups than he can count. He is a full time writer and speaker and lives in Lufkin, Texas, but travels extensively across the U.S.

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