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"I was amazed to learn that I'm an auditory learner. I would have

sworn I was visual. Bill also gave feedback on my writing so I could

use auditory, visual, or kinesthetic skills while creating my

characters. I learned so much from taking this workshop in 2010. Now

that Bill has changed and improved the workshop - expanding it to

three weeks instead of two, I'm planning on taking it again. " --

Linda Burke

March 7 - 25, 2011

Power of the Senses: Enhancing Author's Voice, Characterization, and


by Bill Haggart


Non-members $20; Elements Members $12

To register for this workshop, click here.

Description: Robert Penn Warren said, “The secret subject of any

story is what we learn, or fail to learn, over time.” Each of us

have our own unique way of learning, and part of that style involves

which senses we favor in experiencing the world—even how we write and

how we love. Everyone prefers one sense over the other four:

Kinesthetic, Tactual, Auditory, and Visual. Those preferences shape a

writer’s voice, brand, writing processes as well as the characters

they create. How their novel's conflict and romance develops depends

on how their characters learn. A writer can be trapped by their own

sensory preferences or they can use it to create unique characters

and believable conflict.

In this interactive workshop, Participants will:

1. Identify their own sensory preferences with a short profile,

discovering how sensory preferences affect their behavior. This

includes their own writing processes.

2. Explore how sensory preferences influence a writer’s voice and Brand.

As romance writer Virginia Kendra observes: “This is part of author

voice. Our choices of significant, specific details awaken our

readers to what it is we see” —or hear, feel or do. Our choices

depend in part on our preferences. We will examine the writing of

well-know authors to illustrate this aspect of the author's voice, as

well as developing your unique brand.

3. Examine how sensory preferences can help a writer decide how to

use the senses, actually deepening a character's POV. Julia Ross

observed, “Even when a scene is deeply emotional and full of sensory

input, it’s often more powerful to limit the character’s awareness to

just one or two senses at a time.” Sensory Preferences reveals

these sense choices naturally, enhancing characterization.

Participants will practice creating distinctive characters and deep

POVs with learning styles.

4. Learn how to differentiate Author Voice from the characters' POV.

This includes all aspects of their novel, from first meet, attraction

and learning to love, conflict, sexual desire and satisfaction, as

well as how conflict is resolved.

5. Explore how sensory preferences can enhance believable conflict.

Any conflict begins with the senses. Examples will demonstrate what

readers know intuitively—the simplest things count. Including

learning preferences can make conflicts between characters far more

real and dynamic. Throughout the course, activities will be provided

for writers to practice with the methods offered, including feedback

from the instructor.

Bio: Bill Haggart has been an educator for over thirty years. He has

been a teacher, an educational trainer, consultant and executive

with a national training company. He now heads up his own consulting

business, Insights & Innovations. He has presented to over 180,000

educators nationwide and worked with over 400 schools and

organizations. He is the creator of the Kaleidoscope Profiles, a

popular learning styles inventory. He is also the author of several

educational books and articles. He has been a member of RWA since

1998, as well as a terrific local group, the Sacramento Valley Rose.

He has won and placed in nearly a dozen contests such as 'The Molly'

and 'Suzannah' and "The Merritt" with both his contemporary, time-

travel and Regency novels. A member of the Beau Monde since 2000,

Bill presented at their conference in New York in 2002 and 2006. This

workshop, “The Power of the Senses; Enhancing Author's Voice,

Characterization, and Conflict” has been well-received by several

writing groups, including The Sacramento Valley Rose. A history

major, he particularly loves the Napoleonic war period and the

Regency. He began reading historical romances decades ago, and

finally decided to write them, after being encouraged by Joy, his

partner and heroine for the last thirty-eight years. She is also a

fantastic teacher. Bill has two terrific sons, Sean and Cory. Sean is

an engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, CA. The

Mars Rovers have parts created by him. Cory is a marketing and public

relations consultant in Ottawa, Canada. He critiques all of his

father’s manuscripts. They both are models for my heroes. The real

homeowners, an Australian Shepard mix named Nikki and a feline,

Kitty, also are inspirations for characters in his books.


Hook, Line, and Sinker:

How to Hook Readers and Reel Them In

Do you know how to hook your readers? I mean, really hook them. Do you immediately think it's all about the first paragraph? WRONG! Well…sort of.

The first paragraph is definitely important. But there's so much more to hooking your reader and keeping her on the line until the very last page.

In Hook, Line, and Sinker, you'll learn:

• How a hook can make or break a sale.

• How genre affects the hook.

• How to get the most out of your first line, first paragraph, chapter hooks, and cliff hangers.

• The difference between ho hum hooks and bestsellers.

• How the pros hook the reader and keep `em hooked.

Other benefits of Hook, Line, and Sinker include:

• Limited class size (no more than 20 students per class) means individualized instruction.

• Opportunities to submit samples of your manuscript or work in progress for critique.

• Professional editing of your work.

About the Instructor: Lynnette Labelle is a certified copyeditor and proofreader with over a decade of experience. She's the owner of Labelle's Writing on the Wall, a professional editing and manuscript service. Her editing services focus on helping writers, both beginners and published professionals, to perfect their craft and polish their manuscripts so they can take their careers to the next level. Lynnette is the editor of LoveBytes, RWA Online's newsletter. For more information, visit www.labelleseditorialservices.com/

When: April 4 – 30, 2011

Cost: $25

Registration is open. Contact Lynnette Labelle at: labelle@labelleseditorialservices.com to save a spot now.


***Permission to forward granted*** Marketing For Introverts

Instructor: Tina Gallagher

When: March 1-31, 2011

Cost: $20 for HCRW and Carolina Romance Writers Members, $25 for All



Let’s face it. Most of us who write don’t do it so we can

go out peddling our work on the street. We do it because we love to

write. So while we love the creative process of writing, the business

end can be pure torture to our artistic brains. Unfortunately, once the

contract is signed and the book is out there, you as the author have to

market it in order for it to sell.

In my workshop, Marketing for Introverts, I discuss ways for

introverted authors to successfully market themselves and their books.

This workshop offers several creative ways to reach your target market

without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.


Tina Gallagher was raised in Northeast Pennsylvania and in between

softball, basketball, and music lessons, she and her best friend would

create their own “happily ever afters” for their favorite

soap opera couples. After a while, the soap operas lost their appeal,

but the writing never did. She continues to use her imagination to

weave stories about heroes and heroines who share deep, lasting


Tina graduated from the University of Scranton with a bachelor’s

degree in marketing and a minor in English. She is a member of Romance

Writers of America, Pocono/Lehigh Romance Writers, and Liberty States

Fiction Writers.

Register for Class



**Permission to Forward Granted and Encouraged**

MARCH 2011

PITCH LIKE A PRO FOR WRITERS (includes Editor pitch session)

INSTRUCTOR: Kerri Nelson

WHEN: Mar. 1 to Mar. 29


Want to practice your pitch for an upcoming pitch session to an agent or editor? Need help refining your pitch to include in a query letter? Well, practice makes perfect!

Sign on for this handy four week pitch practice workshop, taught by multi-published romantic suspense author, Kerri Nelson.

*During class you'll get to practice pitches for up to 2 different novels AND at the end of class you'll have the opportunity to pitch before a real acquiring EDITOR from a major publisher!*

Over the past five years, Kerri has pitched more than thirty different books in every imaginable genre (from erotica to young adult) to multiple agents and editors with a tremendous success rate for follow-up requests for both partial and full manuscripts. She has sold fourteen novels and novellas in the last eighteen months after perfecting her pitch process!

In this intensive interactive course, Kerri offers up the secrets to nailing your pitch, how to score a home run with editors, and how not to stop short of getting the results you want!

Start the year off right with the book contract you've been waiting for!

Students from prior classes have sold 3 book deals to Sourcebooks, been offered representation by agents, and many other successes after perfecting their pitch with me.


Kerri Nelson has always been passionate about reading books but when she wrote her first poem in the second grade, she discovered her love of writing. At the age of sixteen, she became a columnist for her local newspaper as the high school correspondent for the weekly "Panther Tales" column. She won the Outstanding Young Journalist of the Year Award for her efforts.

After an education and career in the legal field, Kerri began to pen romantic suspense novels with a legal or law enforcement theme. She currently lives in the sunny south with her romance inspiring husband and her adorable children. When she's not reading or writing, you'll find her baking homemade goodies for her family. Kerri is an active member of Romance Writers of America, Hearts Through History Romance Writers, Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, and Futuristic Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Writers.

In addition, Kerri has been contracted to publish fourteen books with six different publishers in multiple genres. She continues to pitch both live and online to agents and editors on a monthly basis and has received requests for nearly one hundred percent of her pitches! Check out her website at: www.kerrinelson.com


Romance so good, it should be illegal...

Vegan Moon Now Available from Eternal Press


Cost for the workshop is $15 for NEORWA members, $20 for all others. You do not have to be an RWA member to take our workshops!

REGISTRATION CUT-OFF IS THE DAY BEFORE THE WORKSHOP STARTS. Once registered, you will be subscribed to the workshop loop prior to and for the duration of the class.

For more information, please email Cathy Matuszak If you are using a web email and the link doesn't work for you, send the email to neorwaonline "at" gmail "dot" com. Or visit our website at www.neorwa.com and click on the link for Online Workshops.

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