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RWAOL Workshop: Overcoming Your FEARS To Get Published presented by T

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RWA® Online Workshop:

Overcoming Your FEARS to Get Published

presented by Tina Holland

March 14-26, 2011

About the class:

Don't let FEARS hold you back. This class will give you tips to help you overcome writer's block to FINISH, give you some quick tips on how to EDIT, how to ANALYZE your book and it's genre, RESEARCH the market and SUBMIT to the perfect house using an ideal Query formula. This class is great for beginners and those who have a finished manuscript looking for a home.

About Tina Holland:

Tina Holland was born in Frankfurt, Germany to military parents and is a self-proclaimed military brat.

Tina's debut e-book, The Pilot and the Pinup was released by Liquid Silver Books in 2005. Since then she has branched out into Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance. Her work can also be found at Resplendence Publishing.

Tina continues to write . She is active in Romance Writers of America (RWAOL chapter) and Evanston Writer's Workshop along with her local critique group. Tina attends conferences to network and continue learning. Her contemporary erotic romance, Sexing up the Spy is a 2011 EPPIE finalist. She's judged a few contests including the Emily's and The Golden Palm.

Registration Period: Feb 28- March 12, 2011

Registration Deadline: March 12, 2011

Fee: $15 for non-RWAOL chapter members. No registration required for chapter members.

Payment method: PAYPAL is recommended! Checks and money orders also accepted, but register early and mail your payment promptly. No person will be allowed in unless payment is received.

Format: Courses are conducted via online discussion (bulletin) board on the RWA® Online website (no email loops). Non-chapter members MUST complete both the workshop registration AND the discussion board login registration for access.

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  • Romance Writers Online - General Legacy Member

Even though members don't need to check in, I just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to this workshop. I sometimes think it's the fear of success that feeds my writer's block and procrastination tendencies. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking, "OMG, what if I finish? Then I'll have to deal with all that 'business stuff'."

Thanks for offering this workshop, Tina and RWA Online.


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I am looking forward to the workshop. I think I am at the point where I need a little push to get my work off my hard drive and out into the world. I have set myself a deadline of March 31 (Opening Day of Major League Baseball- Go Giants!) Hopefully this will be the kick in the pants I need.

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  • Board of Directors

Samanthya, since you are a member you don't need to register or sign up. You get to take the workshop for free.

You just jump in. You can find the workshop here:


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