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RWA Workshop: The Reading Brain presented by Lisa Dale

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RWA Online Class

Registration is Now Open

The Reading Brain: How Details (Show and Tell) Change How We Read

Presented by Lisa Dale

Dates: April 11-22, 2011

About the Class: You’ve heard the “show don’t tell” rule a hundred times, and you know that you should do it. But “telling” is our fundamental way of communicating in our everyday lives, so as a writer, it’s extremely difficult to shake off our inherent, natural instincts to “tell” a story. By demonstrating how the human brain processes ideas through reading and other real life situations, Lisa shows how “show, don’t tell” works on an emotional and neurological level. When you learn what happens in the brain when a person is reading or speaking, the murky and difficult “show, don’t tell” rule becomes a bit clearer. You’ll also learn when to ignore the “show don’t tell” rule to great effect!

Registration Period: March 28- April 10, 2011

Registration Deadline: April 10, 2011

Fee: $15 for non-RWAOL chapter members

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Thanks Angelia, I was looking for that info earlier. Looking forward to this workshop.


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