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MEMBERS: If you paid your renewal and can't get in...DO NOT PAY A

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Due to the way the software works, we often have problems with access for some members after the renewal process.

Please be patient. We are working the kinks out as fast as we can. This usually happens for members who joined the previous year under the $25 or pro-rated fees, and then get switched to a renewal package this year. The software doesn't recognize the new package and kicks you out. Or bills you again (it's NOT supposed to to that).

If you're locked out and you know you paid, leave a note here. Once we verify you did actually renew, we'lll unlock the doors again.

Patti will be going through the lists of people who renewed/did not renew and we'll start terminating access to the ones the board software did not automatically turn off next week.

Please work with us as we work around the board software.


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Guest Natasha Hoar

Hi Pam,

Some bad news, I'm afraid - it's still not letting me see the forums. :( I tried logging in, out, then in again, and I also cleared cookies just in case. Whenever I log in, the site insists I buy a subscription and won't let me click on ANY other page (I have to log out to see this portion of the forum).


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Maria and Natasha - I reset your accounts. If they still don't work, I need your passwords to see what you see to figure out why it's not working. Send them to me at webmaster@rwaonlinechapter.org.



Huzzah! You're fantastic! Thanks so much for your patience, and for getting this to work. I really appreciate it. :D

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Guest Kristina Mathews

I originally signed up under the prorated membership. I think it was in October of last year. I had some problems with the renewal process and have managed to pay, but I can't access anything. It asks for me to purchase a subscription, and it only sends me to the prorated memebership screen. When I do log in, I can find a screen that shows me as paid, but it still won't let me on.

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