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RWA Online's March workshop: The Personal and Technical Arts of Pr

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RWA® Online Presents:

Online Workshop March 12-25, 2012

The Personal and Technical Arts of Promotion Presented by Shawntelle Madison and Angie Fox

About the class:

Everybody is talking about promotion these days. But what does it really mean? How can you target readers, book sellers, and the publishing community the most efficient, effective way possible? Authors Angie Fox and Shawntelle Madison will show you the branding and technological tricks you need to know to promote yourself while still leaving plenty of time for writing - and life!

So what will Angie and Shawntelle talk about in The Personal and Technical Arts of Promotion?

Discussion Points:

-The Power of Viral Marking

-Building Reader Relationships (signings, book clubs, enhancing your core readership)

-Building Bookseller Relationships

-Getting to Know Libraries

-How to use Facebook and Twitter

-The Do's and Don'ts of Conferences

-Planning Online Campaigns

-Harnessing Basic/Advanced Online Tools to Promote Your Work like widgets and applications

-Ways Your Publisher Can Help

About the instructors:

Shawntelle Madison is a web developer who loves to weave words as well as code. She'd never admit it, but if asked she'd say she covets and collects source code. After losing her first summer job detassling corn, Shawntelle performed various jobs--from fast-food clerk to grunt programmer to university webmaster. Writing eccentric characters is her most favorite job of them all. On any particular day when she's not surgically attached to her computer, she can be found watching cheesy horror movies or the latest action-packed anime.

Angie Fox is the New York Times bestselling author of books about demon slayers, werewolves and things that go bump in the night. She claims that researching her books can be just as much fun as writing them. In the name of fact-finding, Angie has ridden with Harley biker gangs, explored the tunnels underneath Hoover Dam and found an interesting recipe for Mamma Coalpot’s Southern Skunk Surprise (she’s still trying to get her courage up to try it).

Angie earned a Journalism degree from the University of Missouri. She worked in television news and then in advertising before beginning her career as an author.

Registration Period: March 5th – March 25th, 2012

Registration Deadline: March 25th, 2012

Fee: $15

For more information, go here: http://www.rwaonlinechapter.org/campus.htm

RWA® Online Chapter Members receive workshops for free. No registration required for chapter members.

Payment method: PAYPAL is recommended! Checks and money orders also accepted, but register early and mail your payment promptly. No person will be allowed in unless payment is received.

Format: Courses are conducted via online discussion (bulletin) board on the RWA® Online website (no email loops). Non-chapter members MUST complete both the workshop registration AND the discussion board login registration for access.

For more information on RWA® Online, check out our website:


Thank you.

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