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Who: Madeline Hunter

When: October 13, 2012 from 9am to 6pm

Where: Embassy Suites, 201 Harrison Oaks Blvd, Cary,NC 27513

How: http://heartofcarolina.org/ai1ec_event/all-day-workshop-presented-by-madeline-huner/?instance_id=32

All Day Workshop includes coffee and pastries in the morning. Lunch will be on your own!

Morning workshop: The Book that Writes Itself

Editors demand good stories, and the heart of a good story is conflict. This workshop will explain how a strong central conflict will immediately improve characterization, plot, and pacing, and will drive the story so powerfully that it all but writes itself. The discussion will be followed by a hands-on session, during which workshop participants will analyze their works in progress (or next projects) to identify and strengthen the core conflicts and develop secondary and supportive conflicts. They will then use that analysis and brainstorming, along with Madeline’s guidance and template, to create rough drafts of conflict-driven synopses.

Afternoon workshop: An Industry Primer

Walk with Madeline through a virtual publishing house, and learn how the power flows, who does what, and which players can influence your career and how. Along the way she will describe the editorial pecking order, the roll of acquisition meetings, concepts such as publisher support, the distribution system, and the role your editor plays in all of this, from “the call” to the profit and loss report. The discussion will provide writers with knowledge that empowers them to make good decisions and become active partners in building their careers, and also enables them to position themselves and choose story ideas that will be the ones publishers want to bring on board. The potential benefits (and potential pitfalls) of self-publishing will also be discussed, along with an outline of what is involved in self-publishing.

Book Signing

Immediately following the workshop, there will be a book-signing featuring many of our local romance authors, free and open to the public. This will begin at 5:00 p.m.


All-Day Workshop

In Advance:

$45 for members

$50 for non-members

All-Day Workshop At the Door:

$50 for members

$55 for non-members

*Please note that there are only 60 seats available for the all-day workshop. If you want to come to the whole day, you’ll want to register ASAP!

Afternoon Workshop Only (starting at 2:00)

In Advance:

$25 for members

$30 for non-members

Afternoon Workshop Only (starting at 2:00) At the Door:

$35 for all

Register Here

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