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Oct HCRW Online Workshop: Seven Deadly Sins of Fiction by Susan Palmqu

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Seven Deadly Sins of Fiction

When: October 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012

Cost: $20 HCRW and Carolina Romance Writers members, $25 all others

Contact: Online Classes Coordinator HCRWonline@heartofcarolina.org

Presented by Susan Palmquist

Intended audience-beginning and intermediate writers

Length-four weeks

Cost- $20 for HCRW member, $25 for all others

Register - http://heartofcarolina.org/ai1ec_event/seven-deadly-sins-of-fiction/?instance_id=45

Goals of Workshop-help writers avoid common mistakes that usually result in rejection letters

Participants will-learn about the seven most common mistakes and reasons editors reject stories, how to find them in your own work and how to overcome these errors

Schedule/Lesson Plan

Week One, Lesson One-Welcome, Sin #1- Formatting, how to look like a professional

Week One, Lesson Two-Sin #2 Dead end dialogue, how to put the right words into your character’s mouths

Week Two, Lesson Three-Sin #3- Information dump, too much, too soon

Week Two, Lesson Four-Sin #4- Same old plot, putting a new twist to hackneyed story lines

Week Three, Lesson Five-Sin #5-Boring Characters, how to create people readers will love

Week Three, Lesson Six-Sin #6-Head Hopping, knowing whose head you’re in

Week Four, Lesson Seven-Sin #7-Not writing what you love, how to not to follow trends

Week Four, Lesson Eight-recap, parting words and questions


Exercise 1-Rewriting dialogue along lines discussed in the lesson

Exercise 2-Rewriting a scene and removing the info dump

Exercise 3-Put a new spin on a story

Exercise 4-Create a new character

Exercise 5-Finding the head hopping errors

Exercise 6-What’s wrong with this submission- an overview of everything that’s been covered

About Susan

Susan Palmquist is a freelance writer and author of six novels, four of which are romances. She’s also a short story writer who’s been published in magazines in both the US and UK. Under her pen name, Vanessa Devereaux, she a bestselling author of both erotica and erotic romances and has published thirty five novels/novellas, with eight more releases set for later this year.

She also writes a weekly money saving blog at called The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to the Universe. And is a writing tutor and the author of the soon to be released How To Write A Romance Novel, Getting It Written and Getting It Published by Compass Books.

For more information about Susan, visit www.susanpalmquist.com

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