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2013 RWA Online Workshop Schedule

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Need a reason to join RWA Online? Make it part of your New Year's resolutions?

Here is the list of workshops RWA Online is offering and every single one of them are free for RWA Online chapter members:

January 7th through 18th – Perfect People are Boring presented by Beth Cornelsion

Feb 4th through 15th – Getting your Story Started Right presented by Beth Cornelsion

March 4th through 25th -- Putting your Prose under the Knife presented by M.M. Pollard

April 15th through May 10th – Incorporating Humor into your Writing presented by Ally Broadfield

June 10th through 24th – Supporting Characters presented by Devon Ellington

August 4th through 16th – Principles of Good Website Design for Writers presented by Catherine Chant

Sept 9th through 23rd – Block-busting: Putting the Joy Back in Writing presented by Laurie Schnebly

Oct 7th through Nov 1st – Writing Steamy Sex Scenes presented by Suzanne Rock

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