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Chapter/Workshop registration problems?

Patti Fischer

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Since our board notification system is hit and miss, I thought I'd put up a post where folks can let us know if they're having issues with registering or other problems with our board system.

Give us time to respond!

And continue to contact us through the Contact us page.

One way or the other, we will get back to you.

Thank you.

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Guest Catherine Chant

Hi, I'm trying to register for the June class, but it never takes me to a payment screen after I click submit, so I don't know where to send the registration fee. Please advise.


Thank you!

Catherine Chant

cchant86 @ yahoo .com

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Sorry I did not see this earlier. But we got Catherine fixed!

FYI - if you've previously been registered with us, it might be a simple matter of logging into your old account and if you've forgotten the information, use the reset password to get it taken care of. Once you try to log in, it prompts you to pay. 

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Guest Una Medina Olmsted Ph.D.

Help! I joined RWAOL on Aug 1 in order to take the Dialogue Class.

I have been trying to get into the class  

It is August 5, the last day to register. I still cannot get into the class. It is 7:59pm Mountain time and 9:59 Eastern Time. 

My heart is sinking. I’d love to be in this class. 

Can you help

Una Medina Olmsted


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