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RWA Online 2014 Workshop Schedule

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1/6 thru 1/31/14 MM Pollard

Raiding the Poet’s Toolbox to Enrich Your Writing

3/3 thru 3/14/14 Jody Lebel

'Swear to Tell the Truth'

4/28/14 thru 5/23/14 Becky Martinez

Let's Submit -- Solving the Synopsis and Query Dilemma

6/16 through 6/27/14 Beth Corneilson

Breathing Life Into your Scenes

8/4 thru 8/29/14 Ally Broadfield

Tips and Techniques for More Effective proofreading

10/6/14 thru 10/26/14 Catherine Chant

Avoid the Rough: Turning Your Story Idea into a Workable Plot

12/1/2014 thru 12/26/14 Kerri Nelson

The Book Factory: Producing Multiple Novels in One Year

Remember: members of RWA Online get the workshops for free.

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