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RWA Online's January Workshop: Raiding the Poet's Toolbox to E

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RWA ONLINE ® presents:

Raiding the Poet’s Toolbox to Enrich Your Writing

Presenter: MM Pollard, Editor, Black Velvet Seductions

Dates: January 6-31, 2014

Cost: $15 (free to members)

Registration: Opens December 23, 2013

Last day to register: January 8, 2014

Registration link: http://www.rwaonlinechapter.org/campus.htm


This workshop is for writers of poetry or prose who want to sharpen their descriptive skills and make their work sing. In eight lessons over the course of a month, MM Pollard will define selected figures of speech — metaphor, simile, personification, allusion — and sound devices — alliteration, assonance, consonance, and onomatopoeia. She will give examples of each in poetry and in prose.

Each lesson comes with homework. You will practice creating an example of the topic of the day in a poem or in a paragraph, your choice. The instructor will encourage you to complete and submit.


As an English teacher for fifteen years and, currently, as acquisitions editor and copy editor for Black Velvet Seductions, MM Pollard has helped writers correct ungrammatical grammar, misused usage, problematic punctuation, and poor writing.

She has presented workshops on Writers Online Classes, Savvy Authors, and many RWA local chapters. Through her fun workshops — the basics of English composition can be fun! — she is sure she can help you, too, master the fundamentals of English composition.

About our chapter:

RWA® Online is the first online chapter and is available to members 24/7 via our online message boards. Wherever you live, in the United States or beyond, we are here for you as long as you have an internet connection. You can find our chapter located at: www.rwaonlinechapter.org

RWA® Online conducts all workshops via a message board system located on this website. However, access to the site is restricted by login and password to ensure that the workshop is only available to those that are authorized to attend.

The cost to join our chapter is $25 from January through August, then $15 from September through December.

If you have any questions about the workshop or our chapter, contact me at fisc40pa@aol.com


Patti Fischer

Workshop Coordinator

RWA Online

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