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Critique is available? Groups, partners, something?

Guest Julia Bates

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Guest Julia Bates

Hi, I'm far, far from home and need to connect with romance writers from time to time.

I'm revising my novel for a publisher now and a critique partner or group -- anybody who can read a page or two and tell me if I've lost the thread, hopped heads, should try again...

The intro here says critique groups are part of the membership. True? How?

Many thanks! Julia Bates

julie-bates.com juliajeanbates@gmail.com RWA member

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Luckily, Julie contacted RWAOL through one of our contact emails, and I replied to her yesterday.

Since I thought other guests--and some of our members--might have the same questions Julie did, I’m posting a modified version of the information I sent her.

FYI: RWA Online is a chapter of the national organization, Romance Writers of America (RWA), rather than a web site for RWA. We were RWA’s first online chapter—founded in 1995. Occasionally, there is some confusion in the names, and we work around that. Even if I had been one of the founders and had a working crystal ball (mine broke in 1993), I still would have gone with RWA Online as our name.

Okay, back on topic.

I suggest using RWA’s critique-partner matching service. Just go to myRWA https://www.rwa.org/p/us/in

  • Click on Resource Center, and it’s under Resources for Members.
  • Register and answer a few questions.
  • Then wait to see if someone contacts you.
  • OR search, get a list of names, and start contacting other RWA members.

(You have to be a member of RWA to use this resource.)

Given the huge number of variables that go into making a critiquing-partnership work and the fact that those variables would be really really expensive to identify and measure, that’s about the best we can do. Maybe, someday, businesses will develop a process we could adapt, but I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

Other info:

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for online workshops on critiquing—but no luck. There was one about a decade ago. Seems weird that more aren’t offered since having a critique partner is highly recommended by many people. But, it might be worth frequently checking RWA’s events page and browsing through the list of online workshops. Here’s the link https://www.rwa.org/p/cm/ld/fid=517#onlineworkshops

(That resource is available to writers who aren’t members of RWA. I just checked.)

I want our chapter to do something to support our members in critiquing, but we’re just not there yet.

If you are a member of RWA and would like to join RWAOL, we would love to have you. To join:

  • Click on http://www.rwaonlinechapter.org/joinus.htm
  • Complete the membership application, pay the fee for dues, and create your login. (Our system has step-by-step instructions for walking you through the process.)
  • Not too terribly long after that, you will receive a welcome-email from us which asks for info about you so we can introduce you to our members.

Karen N. Jones


RWA Online (RWAOL)

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