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RWA Online's 2021 Workshop Schedule

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Here is RWA Online's 2021 online workshop schedule.

***If you are not a member of our chapter, the cost to take each workshop is $15.

If you are an RWA member, you can join our chapter. More info HERE (link).

Cost to join our chapter is currently $25. Our members get each and every workshop for free. ***


January: RESEARCHING FOR AUTHORS with presenter Margaret Bates

            Class opens January 4th

            Length: 4 weeks 

About the workshop: 

You’ve had that problem before where you need to find out how a specific type of gun works for your romantic suspense or needed to find out if that one word was actually in use in Regency England. There’s always research involved in writing a convincing romance and the pitfalls of deep rabbit holes you might fall into as well. In this workshop, a psychologist and writer will teach you how to use a variety of resources from asking experts for interviews, library tricks and tips, as well as databases and deep journal and article research to create a better book. She’ll also work with you to ensure that you learn when to put the research down and plunge headfirst into the drafting so that you avoid being derailed by over-researching as well.


March: Story Bootcamp with presenter Peter Andrews

            Class opens March 1st

            Length: 4 weeks

 About the workshop: 

Start fast! Keep it humming. End with authority. Polish, correct, and tighten the prose. Learn how to rewrite your story, whether fiction or nonfiction, so it entices, captivates, and delights readers. This course will explore the dimensions of your story and push them to the limits so you get the most from your premise and your readers get compelling experiences.

No slackers! This is a highly interactive class that depends on commitment and participation.

Lesson 1 Breaking the Chains and Going Bigger. Getting out of your own way.
Lesson 2 Making Your Tale Epic. Premise, character, and story arc.
Lesson 3 Power Positions – Story Bites Reader. Focus, friends and real requirements. Attention must be paid – from page one.
Lesson 4 Pyramid Power. Characters have needs, too. And so do readers.
Lesson 5 Twists and Turns That Will Leave a Mark. What’s the worst that can happen?
Lesson 6 Shocking Revelations. First, surprise yourself.
Lesson 7 Excruciating Details. Senses, settings, and special effects. Conflict, oh yeah.
Lesson 8 Gut Check. Authenticity, the sadistic writer, and redlining emotion,
Lesson 9 Major Surgery. Merciless restructuring.
Lesson 10 Thrust into the Careless World. Titles as bait, urban myths, and endings that buzz.

May:   Irresistible Blurbs with presenter Siri Caldwell

            Class opens May 3rd

            Length: 2 weeks

 About the workshop:

 Don’t lose sales with a less-than-ideal book description. In this workshop, designed for self-publishing romance writers, you’ll learn to distill your plot into a short, exciting blurb and write an engaging tagline, a compelling opening, and an intriguing ending. By breaking it down step by step, you really can write a book description that readers will love.


June:   Let's Dress Up: Rhythm, Rhyme, and adding Pizzazz with presenter Virginia McCullough

            Class opens June 7th

            Length 3 weeks

 About the workshop: 

Flat or flowing, boring or brilliant? What separates good writing from fine writing? Sometimes it’s a matter of dressing up your writing with a smattering of carefully chosen accessories, from letters, journals, and recipes to alliteration, patterns, and rhythm. Add pizzazz to your work and lift it from good enough to standout and special.


August: Characterization: Making Strengths and Weaknesses Work for You with presenter Linnea Sinclair

            Class opens August 2nd

            Length: 4 weeks 

About the workshop: 

Down with one-dimensional cartoon-like characters! Down with the two-dimensional ones, while we’re at it. Embrace your characters—warts and all—in this lively workshop with Bantam author Linnea Sinclair. Reviewers note that: “Her characters are intelligent, no-nonsense and have a depth that gives me an instant mental picture...” (Road to Romance Reviews) and “The author's sure hand with characterization makes each twist of this emotionally laden storyline as suspenseful as any well-wrought battle scene.” (Science Fiction Weekly)

Sinclair will help writers dialogue with their characters to bring out information that builds depth and uniqueness. She’ll also discuss the pros and cons of using archetypes, astrology and tarot to build story people.


October: Freedom and Framework: Story Planning for Pantsers with presenter Catherine Chant 

            Class opens Oct 4th

            Length: 3 weeks

 About the workshop: 

Flying by the seat of your pants to write the first draft for your book feels so freeing. It’s a time to play, to experiment, to try out new ideas. What fun!

But diving into a project as big as a novel without any plan at all often means a lot of extra work after the draft is completed as you scramble to revise hundreds of pages that might have no cohesion, inconsistent characters, or a wandering plot.

One way to lessen that extra work is to go into the rough draft phase of your book with a better idea of where the story’s headed. That doesn’t mean knowing everything about your story (how boring would that be?), but it does mean knowing something to give your story direction.

“Outline” is a scary word for most pantsers. It sounds restrictive, it sounds tedious, it sounds boring. So, there will be no “outlines” here. Nope. None. Instead, you’re going to build yourself a “framework” for your story that’s open and flexible, with plenty of room for playing, experimenting, and checking out new ideas off the beaten path whenever the inspiration strikes you.

Story Planning for Pantsers: Keep your freedom, but keep on track, too.


December: 50 Ways to Leave Your Muse: Creativity Hacks for Writers with presenter Joy E. Held

            Class opens Nov 29th

            Length: 4 weeks


About the workshop: 

This fun course presents 50 ways to maintain your creative edge and keep the artistic juices flowing. We take a look at Leonardo da Vinci’s methods for developing creative genius, how writer John Steinbeck utilized journal writing to stay focused on some of his greatest literary works, the science of where ideas come from, and much, much more. Participants will take part in activities and discussions and end the course with a list of resources and ideas to keep enthusiasm high and inspiration flowing. And yes, we will analyze Paul Simon’s song “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.”

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