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Call for Workshop Presenters in 2022 for RWAOL

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RWA Online, Chapter #136 of Romance Writers of America is now accepting online workshop proposals for 2022. We are looking for experienced workshop presenters who have a passion for teaching the craft, the business of writing, a writer’s life, or publishing. You do not need to be a member of RWA to teach the workshop.


Workshops may be 2-4 weeks in length and we are actively seeking presenters who can create interactive, student-centered learning opportunities that may include homework and feedback, question and answer sessions, and a stimulating discussion environment.


RWAOL offers at least six or more online workshop sessions each year on various topics of interest to both the published and unpublished writer. Our workshops are held via a discussion board (forum) format on our website (www.rwaonlinechapter.org/Boards). (IMPORTANT: We do not hold any workshops via email loops, such as Google Groups or on Facebook.)


RWAOL provides all workshops free of charge to its members and charges $15 for non-chapter members. We offer workshop presenters a flat-rate fee of $200 for two weeks, $300 for three weeks and $400 for four weeks or a full month for their services.


We expect our presenters to be professional, prepared, available, and computer-savvy enough to present using a forums/discussion board format. Since some of our presenters have not used a forum format, we have a private forum for the presenter to test things and get help from us before the workshop starts or during the workshop. Our forum format also facilitates discussion, enables our presenters to include pictures/photographs and videos as well as links to articles on the internet in the text of their lessons. Our format allows presenters and students to access our forum 24/7.


All workshop proposals should include a title, a blurb about the course, course syllabus, and a brief resume/bio of the instructor. Please include how many times the workshop was/are being taught in 2021 and when and where you are planning to teach it in 2022. RWAOL requests an exclusivity clause so that any negotiated workshop is not presented via another venue within 2 months of RWAOL's scheduled date.


Note: If 2022 does not work and you are interested in teaching a class in 2023, let me know.


Our members have expressed interest in workshops on editing, fast paced writing, and self-publishing, the business of writing as a career, plus any other targeted writing areas that would help them pursue their craft in romance, as long as it can be taught in a two to four-week period. The usual way classes are taught is to post lessons three days a week over the course period and to allow for time for questions to be asked and answered.


We are looking for most any type of workshop that relates to romance writing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. This is a great opportunity to earn some money and give back to fellow writers in teaching them the craft.


Please send your workshop proposals (or your questions) to Patti Fischer at fisc40pa@aol.com



Thank you.


Patti Fischer


Workshop Coordinator


RWA Online Chapter


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