About RWAOL Workshops

RWAOL conducts our workshops using the discussion forums located on this website.  We do not use email loops.  Discussion forums allow you to attend the class on your schedule without flooding your inbox with email.  Your workshop can downloaded and saved to your computer for archiving and reference. After your register for a workshop, we'll send you additional information about accessing our discussion forums.  It's easy!

Fees and Payments

RWAOL workshops cost only $15 for non-chapter members.  All authors are welcome to attend, whether or not you are a member of our chapter or RWA®. RWA® Online members attend all workshops free as part of their chapter membership. PayPal is recommended for payment. Checks and money orders also accepted, but register early and mail your payment promptly. No person will be allowed in unless payment is received. Payment is made through our discussion forums when you create your forums account.


A few days before the workshop begins, we will open a “Pre-Workshop Check-in” topic. When you visit our discussion forums here and log in, you’ll have access to that topic and can introduce yourself and become a little more familiar with our process. When the workshop instructor posts the first lesson, the workshop "classroom" will open. The topic will have the workshop’s name, and you can access it on our site by clicking on the workshop title. Instructors typically post lesson information a few times a week. You can visit the workshop at your convenience to read the lessons and participate in the discussion and homework. Before the workshop closes for workshop participants who are not members of RWAOL (typically one week after the end date), you'll have the opportunity to print or download the class topics for future reference.  For members, the workshop is archived in our online library.

Terms and Conditions

Payment must be received not later than 2 days prior to the workshop start date to be guaranteed admittance to the workshop. RWA® Online will work with you in good faith if circumstances prevent your payment from being received in time for the workshop start date, but we are not obligated to grant access to the workshop if payment is not received. RWA® Online is not responsible for technical or personal issues that may prevent your attendance from the workshop. Our workshops have been successfully used by computers operating both Windows and Mac OS and no user who has properly followed all instructions for accessing the website where the workshop is held has ever been unable to participate. When you submit a registration for a workshop, you agree that RWA® Online is not obligated to refund your workshop fee if the money is received too late for the workshop or if you am unable to attend the workshop due to personal or computer-related issues.