Hearing Voices 101: Creating Distinct Characters


Presented by Midnight Voss

November 2 - 27, 2020

Registration October 19, 2019
Cost is $15 for non-RWAOL participants.  Chapter members attend free!

About This Workshop

Characters who readers tell their friends about. Characters who stay with you long after you’ve put the book down. Every writer wants their characters to resonate with their readers, but too often the gulf between your character sheet and what gets on the final page is too wide.    

If you’ve gotten feedback that all of your characters sound the same, or that your characters aren’t distinct, there is hope. In this workshop, we will cover how to layer in distinct details in your characters’ personalities and depicting those details in character voice and action. Exercises will be provided for crafting the perfect voice for your characters, so that you can hear them in your mind as you write them onto the page in dialogue and point of view, allowing your readers to hear them, as well.

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About The Presenter

Midnight Voss is a long-time teacher of writing and literature from argumentation to poetry to narrative. Throughout the year, she teaches online workshops for writers who want to hone their craft and deepen their worlds. She writes urban fantasy and dystopian fiction, as well as primarily f/f and m/m romance.   When not immersed in her stories or the stories of others, Midnight likes to spend time with her cats and her girlfriend, reading and watching horror stories, and deconstructing problems in media. Visit her blog to read critiques or employ her services.

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What You Need to Know

  • Deadline to register:  November 2, 2020
  • You do NOT need to be a member of RWA® or RWAOL to take this class.
  • RWA® Online conducts all workshops via a discussion board system located on this website.  However, access to the site is restricted by login and password to ensure that the workshop is only available to those that are authorized to attend.  This is not an email loop workshop.
  • For questions, contact us through our contact form.