Make Your Own Book Trailer


Presented by Tracee Garner

October 5 - 25, 2020

Registration September 21, 2019
Cost is $15 for non-RWAOL participants.  Chapter members attend free!

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About This Workshop

Video is king. If you didn't know that, the thought of "going live" probably makes you cringe. There are other ways, however, besides going live that can still generate results, help you get your stories in front of new eyes and win readers who've never heard of you. If you could do this on your own without some major, high priced production company, wouldn't you want to try? In its simplest form, a book trailer for your story is nothing more than a descriptive sequence of words, awesome pictures and amazing music strung together in a logical but entertaining sequence that's not more than 60 or 90 seconds long. YOU can do this.    

In this book trailer course, you will learn how to use three of the most popular video production tools including Youtube Studio Creator, Animoto and Ripl. All of these have free versions which will appeal to anyone, especially new users who are just starting out. You will also cover where to find free or low costs graphics, word choice, finding a story element for the trailer and narrowing your focus as well as where to get awesome music loops and tracks for FREE!   You will also get a cheat sheet, story board and resource guide in the course.

Once you learn how you can build your own book trailer, you'll wonder why you were so fretful. What author doesn't need more outlets to promote their books?

About The Presenter

Tracee Lydia Garner is a best-selling and award-winning author. She is a dynamic speaker and engaging presenter with a wealth of knowledge and resources. She writes fiction and nonfiction hoping to uplift, inspire as well as educate readers through her tales of hope, love and overcoming adversity. A northern Virginia native, Tracee makes her home in a suburb just outside of the Washington, DC metropolitan area and loves writing, reading and teaching all about marketing and publishing. As a person with a disability, Tracee has been an advocate for over twenty years and maintains a day job currently as a case manager in DC at a small nonprofit organization. Tracee Lydia Garner has done workshops for the RWA National conference on disability topics, diversity, as well for her local DC chapter of RWA where she is involved and has been the editor/agent coordinator at their annual retreat for three years. Tracee also taught How to Write the Novel, Romance Novel Writing and the Self-Publishing Boot Camp within her alma mater's workforce development section of the college’s offerings for almost 14 years.

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What You Need to Know

  • Deadline to register:  October 5, 2020
  • You do NOT need to be a member of RWA® or RWAOL to take this class.
  • RWA® Online conducts all workshops via a discussion board system located on this website.  However, access to the site is restricted by login and password to ensure that the workshop is only available to those that are authorized to attend.  This is not an email loop workshop.
  • For questions, contact us through our contact form.